The process of regulation design and implementation by authorities at both the national and subnational levels create different challenges for such authorities. Arochi & Lindner is ready to provide support to said authorities in the preparation and drafting of new regulation, as well as in modifying existing regulation.

Reengineering of government formalities

Conduct studies of administrative burden, review and redesign the process for achieving improved and simplified government formalities, thus gaining greater efficiency in services provided by the government and reducing the administrative burden for users.

Implementation of policies for regulatory improvement

Training and technical assistance in regulatory matters, providing authorities with the necessary knowledge and tools for the correct drafting and implementation of regulations that benefit society as well as for the creation and instrumentation of State and Municipal Councils on Regulatory Improvement.

Preparation of laws and secondary regulation

Assistance in the preparation of laws and secondary regulations under internationally recognized practices in matters of regulatory improvement for the purposes of generating clear and effective norms with greater positive impact on the society than their cost.

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)

Formulation of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for cost-benefit analysis required in the authorities’ decision-making process on whether to issue/r modify or not the regulation. RIA includes the succinct explanation of the purpose of the regulation and the proposed measures, the comparison of said measures with their regulatory precedents, and the general description of their technical feasibility.

Improvement of performance indices and indicators

Consultation on improving results obtained in national and international indices, indicators and studies in matters of competiveness and ability to do business, as well as respective lobbying efforts with entities and organizations like the World Bank, the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD), and the World Economic Forum (WEF), and other national organizations.

Dizzying technological advances, changes in the economic environment and the profound globalization process the world has undergone in recent years have all contributed important changes in the regulatory framework in the majority of countries.

The current international environment generates an incentive for Mexican authorities to work on a permanent basis on improving the regulatory framework. This implies creating and implementing clear rules, administrative procedures and simplified services, as well as establish efficient institutions for the creation of said framework.

At Arochi & Lindner, we provide advise to agencies and decentralized bodies of the Federal Government as well as state and municipal entities throughout the Republic, in all important aspects relating to the preparation and formulation of regulatory drafts ensuring that they generate maximum benefits for society.

Our attorneys in Mexico have a wide range of experience gained from many years of practice in the public sector and the better regulation area of work. The team includes a former head and a former Director General of Legal Affairs of the Federal Commission for Regulatory Improvement (COFEMER).