In market economies, regardless of sector, industry, size, or international presence, companies are subject to a legal framework that can be challenging for the proper performance of their activities. Although there may be similarities in legal and corporate issues between companies of different jurisdictions, there are also significant differences in issues such as corporate governance, treatment to foreign investment, shareholding structure, rights and obligations of the partners, capital markets and business culture. Among other things, these differences may respond to economic demands as well as government regulations, and need to be managed by experts on the matter.

At Arochi & Lindner we are committed to the business success of our clients. No matter whether it is domestic or foreign investment, our Corporate Practice provides highly specialized and comprehensive advice in all stages of a business lifecycle, from the formation of a company, to operation, control, merge, acquisition, and even the dissolution and winding up of companies.

Whether you are an emerging company, a family-owned enterprise or a middle market company seeking to grow or sitting atop the Fortune 500, our breadth of experience and ability to tailor our services enable us to provide practical guidance and coordinate all the legal needs of our clients’ businesses.


We provide counsel on planning and defining company project strategies from the corporate law perspective. Obtaining authorization for use of a corporate name for a newly formed company. Drafting of articles of association and bylaws for the new company, registration before a Notary Public, and registration of the new company’s Public Deed of incorporation in the Public Registry of Commerce.

Management of corporate documents

We draft, edit, update and manage corporate documents such as shareholders meeting minutes, board of director meeting minutes, company books, share certificates, investment agreements, shareholder agreements, purchase or transfer of shares.

Drafting of contracts

We provide counsel for drafting contracts and agreements of a civil and commercial nature, with national and international parties, as well as for the negotiation process during the drafting, modification or cancelation thereof.

Changes of companies or partnerships

We provide representation and counsel for mergers and acquisitions, sale, fusion, spin-off, and purchase of companies, as well as in cases of corporate restructuring and disaggregation.

Foreign investment

We provide legal assistance to foreign investors and their investments in economic activities in Mexico pursuant to Mexican laws and subject to international instruments which protect foreign investment as the ones contained in the Free Trade Agreements and in the Agreements on the Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments (Bilateral Investment Treaties), signed by Mexico.

Institutional Relationships

We help manage institutional relationships and the processing of administrative-law procedures in corporate matters before federal, state and municipal government authorities.

Corporate-Human rights relations

We advise and train companies regarding the most suitable methods for respecting the fundamental rights of their present employees or potential candidates for employment; suppliers; neighbors; clients and, in general third parties that could be affected by a company’s activity.

Dissolution and winding up of companies

We provide counsel on planning and defining dissolution and winding up strategy for companies.

We provide our legal services regarding aspects of implementation of the Corporations Law, the Foreign Investment Law, the Code of Commerce, the Civil Code of Mexico City and other Mexican states, that have an impact on the life cycle of a company in Mexico. We also establish

contact, on behalf of our clients, with all relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Economy, the Foreign Investments Office, and the Public Registry of Commerce, among others. The aim is to facilitate all corporate steps needed for a company to be successful in our country.