Patent, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets are a major investment in a client’s future competitiveness and business success. We help intellectual property owners that want to capitalize on their IP investment by facilitating strategic licensing arrangements.

We advise on IP licensing agreements in all industries. We analyze intellectual property portfolios and licensing as part of due diligence for internal reviews, restructurings, sales and acquisitions. Our work in this area includes evaluation and advice on licensing rights that would affect intellectual property assets for sale or purchase, copyright licensing agreements, franchising, licensing of patents as well as know -how and trademark licenses.

Licensing programs permit technology owners to “discover” untapped sources of revenue, such as by licensing technologies for applications in noncompetitive fields. In addition, a well-constructed IP license also benefits companies seeking to access the latest technology. In many cases, “licensing-in” critical technology may be a cost-effective alternative to a costly in-house research and development project.

Our attorneys have structured and negotiated a wide variety of alliances that have resulted in meaningful new opportunities for our clients. We assist in the creation of licensing deals that may yield tremendous strategic value to a business through cross-licensing, patent pooling, joint ventures, and collaborative development agreements.

Negotiating licenses, joint ventures and other collaborations

We advise the negotiation of licenses, partnering transactions, and other strategic alliances that can provide access to resources that might otherwise remain unavailable.

Structuring licensing arrangements

We design consistent strategies to maximize the value of the resources devoted to intellectual property development. We provide agreement drafts, negotiation and strategic counsel to help clients leverage their own technologies, and have helped clients structure efficient and effective agreements to obtain rights in new technologies from outside sources.

Implementing technology transfers

We structure technology transfers, from due diligence investigations to the drafting of the assignment agreements, in a manner that ensures that our clients receive all contemplated benefits, with all reasonable limitations upon future liabilities.

Franchising legal services

We assist on the drafting and revision of franchise agreements according with industrial property laws and other dispositions. We cover the technical and legal aspects of the franchise agreements, including the transmission of know-how, the necessary training and the trademark and patent licenses. We have wide experience on several sectors known to use franchises.

Our Mexico office advises licensors and licensees as well as franchisors and franchisees of a wide variety of industries on trademark license agreements and franchise agreements, in order to start a new business, expand to new markets, and acquire new technologies to achieve higher levels of efficiency in its operative processes.

Our expert attorneys in corporate and intellectual property, work collaboratively to provide specialized and comprehensive counsel on licensing and franchising matters including drafting technology license agreements, trademark licensing agreements and copyright license agreements as well as franchising agreements locally and globally.