Arochi & Lindner’s main offices are in Mexico City, with subsidiaries in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property, allowing us to hold our place as one of the best law firms in the field.

The work that the firm has done throughout 2019 is proof of our excellent results, which can be summarized as follows:

  • In terms of trademark matters, a total of 2,034 applications were filed, including trademark applications and commercial slogans.
  • Abroad, we coordinated the filing of 446 applications through various correspondents.
  • In Mexico, 642 applications were filed, including patent, utility model and industrial design applications.
  • In the international area, including applications based on the Patent Cooperation Treaty and coordination of applications in other countries, a total of 97 applications were filed in 2019.
  • A&L oversees more than 800 litigation procedures through different legal instances. Our firm is particularly active with regard to the defense of our clients’ rights through actions brought before IMPI, the FGR and Customs.

Trademark and patent filing are part of our services and processes; however, our main goal is to bring about with each of them a benefit that would translate into the achievements of our customers’ companies, no matter their size. All their projects are important to us and we make them part of our daily work.

That is why we are proud to share some of the success stories we have accomplished for some of our clients.


/ We obtained a favorable ruling on behalf of a fruit beverage company in a copyright infringement proceeding in which we proved that there was no illegal use of the protected work by our client.


/ We processed the declaration of fame or notoriety of the IPHONE brand, property of APPLE.
/ Tramitamos la declaración de fama de la marca HERDEZ ante la oficina de marcas y patentes de México.


/ We obtained a favorable ruling while defending a Mexican subsidiary of a Japanese car manufacturer in an infringement proceeding for the use of a commercial slogan in an advertisement campaign, where we demonstrated that our client could be considered in breach as they were unaware of such slogan.


/ We obtained a favorable ruling on behalf of the subsidiary of a French multinational car manufacturer in an unfair competition action filed by one of its franchisees, in which we demonstrated no legal grounds.


/ We obtained a favorable ruling on behalf of an international food and beverage company in a case of alleged misleading advertising, where we proved the reliability of their marketing messages and avoided payment of a penalty.


/ The firm obtained a favorable ruling for the registration of an industrial design for an international company of hardware tools and products after a lawsuit against IMPl, in which we also set a precedent to change their criteria to grant such registrations.


25 years of experience and the teamwork allow us to advise and represent you in any of our specialty areas. Download our list of success cases and consult with an A&L expert.