The regulation of economic activities by the State presents a challenge for corporations. Regulatory activity and the constant changes in regulations require special attention in order to maximize the position of a given Company and to minimize risks and impacts that the Company could suffer as a result.

At Arochi & Lindner, we provide strategic counsel to national and foreign companies, particularly in the highly regulated sectors like telecommunications, transport, pharmaceuticals and finance, in order to keep companies up-to-date on the current state of regulation in a given sector, and to alert companies of any changes that are underway, and support companies in preparing alternative regulatory proposals that can be filed to respective authorities and to negotiate with said authorities the adoption of these alternatives in favor of our clients.

Our technical knowledge pertaining to various industries as well as in regulatory matters, combined with our insight into how authorities involved in the legislative process function, and with the experience of our attorneys and their notable track record in the field of public service, give Arochi & Lindner a competitive advantage for providing effective and strategic attention to governmental matters involving our clients.

Preventative regulatory audits

Review of fundamental company processes to guarantee that they adhere to the established standards of the national and international regulatory framework in the course of carrying out corporate activities.

Regulatory alert system

Continuous monitoring and analysis of tendencies and regulatory perspectives, as well as regulatory initiatives under review by the authorities in order to give decision makers timely, reliable and above all relevant information, enabling them to understand changes in the regulatory framework and to gauge the potential impact these situations will have on corporate activity.

Drafting of improvement proposals/plans

Strategic advice on drafting improvement proposals/plans under new or existing regulations that can be submitted before the corresponding authorities, and whose implementation benefits the Company and encourages efficient economic development.

Institutional relationship

Management of the institutional relationship and lobbying efforts with responsible authorities for implementing improvement proposals in the regulatory framework, as well as for obtaining the necessary administrative-law procedural paperwork and operational permits.

The Mexican regulatory landscape is always evolving. Therefore, it is crucial for all companies in our country to develop strategies to have an up to date knowledge of the status of the regulatory framework applicable in their respective economic sectors. We provide services that bring

together the know-how of the regulatory arena with the effectiveness needed when dealing with the relevant authorities in charge of issuing new regulation or modifying the existing one.