The website, hereinafter the Site, is managed by Arochi & Lindner, S.C. (hereinafter A&L), a civil corporation organized and incorporated under the laws of the United Mexican States (“Mexico”).

The following terms and conditions (T&C) regulate the use of the Site in accordance with the clauses set forth below.

These T&Cs are applicable regardless of the IP address used to access the Site, which may include, but is not limited to, any personal computer, mobile device, or any other type of device through which the Site may be accessed.

For the purposes of this document, a User is any person who utilizes, accesses, browses, explores and/or navigates the Site through the means set forth herein, excluding the exceptions provided for in these T&Cs.

The T&Cs set forth herein constitute a valid and enforceable agreement between the User and A&L.




The Site has been created by A&L for the following purposes:

  • To inform the User of the services provided by A&L, the firm’s professional background and history, and to provide a means to approach A&L’s professional team.
  • To allow a User who wishes to get additional assistance or hire the services of A&L to contact the firm.
  • To show the User the means of contact through which A&L can answer any questions or comments regarding browsing and exploring the site.
  • To provide the User with information on events, contents and news related to specialized legal topics.
  • To allow users interested in applying as Candidates for joining the A&L workforce to contact the firm.

The information contained herein is provided as a free public service by Arochi & Lindner and does not require prior registration.




In compliance with the best practices for the safe and appropriate use of the Internet as a tool for the User and their environment, these T&Cs provide a clear, concise and updated resource.

The User understands and acknowledges that the use, browsing and/or navigation of the Site means that they are aware of, accept and agree to be bound by the T&Cs.




All content published on the Site is subject to Intellectual Property rights. Any total or partial inappropriate and/or unauthorized publication, distribution, communication, reproduction, commercialization or use is strictly prohibited and, where appropriate, the owner reserves the right to take the necessary legal action for the protection and defense of its intellectual property rights.

The User is aware that all content on the Site is the property of the corresponding owners, and therefore the User does not have any kind of license, assignment and/or authorization over the content, including the image of the persons displayed on the Site. Moreover, access to the Site’s content does not grant authorization to make use of the Intellectual Property that is misleading to the public, and/or precludes the User from performing activities related to acts of unfair competition.

Furthermore, the use, communication and/or display of the image of every person appearing on the Site is strictly prohibited. In this regard, any opinion, criticism, idea, thought and/or any other that may cause moral or property damage and/or any other that may be derived from the image of the persons displayed on the Site shall be the full responsibility of the User.




The Site may redirect the User to external sites to A&L. In this case, before leaving A&L’s domain, the User will be notified prior to the corresponding redirection.

In this event, the User is notified that they will be redirected to a non-A&L site, with different terms and conditions, notices and/or privacy policies or security measures from those of A&L.

Arochi & Lindner shall not be held responsible for sites belonging to and/or managed by third parties external to A&L, which the User consents to access.

We advise you to read the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy notices of these sites.




A&L notifies the User that the Site uses Cookies, which are described in the Privacy Notice and can be found at the following link




The Site’s User is bound to the following obligations:

  1. To read the Site’s T&Cs.
  2. To comply with the Site’s T&Cs.
  3. To respect the Intellectual Property rights related to the content included in the Site.
  4. To refrain from infringing the rights to the privacy, integrity and self-image of individuals displayed on the Site.
  5. To report any failure, error or problem found on the Site to A&L.
  6. To refrain from any action that may result in a security breach, an attack and/or materialization or likelihood of compromising the Site.
  7. To refrain from engaging in any kind of reverse engineering or similar technology, using search tools or tools for the extraction of data and content from the Site and/or from creating personal databases that include all or part of the content of the Site, without the express authorization of A&L.
  8. To refrain from using the content of the Site to represent or impersonate A&L or engage in any type of fraudulent behavior.
  9. To refrain from extracting and/or using A&L’s contact information and/or its professional team to send unsolicited information, to offer own or third-party services and/or to sell products, whether by phone, e-mail, or other similar means. In this regard, the use of such data to engage in illicit behavior is prohibited.
  10. To refrain from sending, disclosing and/or conveying, by means of using the contents of the Site, links, documents, files and/or any other content illegally or that may harm the integrity of individuals.
  11. To refrain from using the Site’s content to inflict harm to the honor, image and/or reputation of A&L and/or its members.
  12. To refrain from engaging in any conduct contrary to good Internet practices and applicable Laws.

In case of breaching one or more Users’ obligations, in whole or in part, A&L will terminate this agreement and reserves the right to undertake appropriate legal action.

Furthermore, the User acknowledges and understands that they are responsible for any damage, loss or non-compliance with any applicable provision related to the nonobservance of the T&Cs. Thus, A&L shall not be liable to third parties in these cases.




The personal data that A&L collects through the Site or via the e-mail addresses [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]; as well as through the telephone numbers +52 55 5095 2050 in Mexico City, +34 91 576 7910 in Madrid and +34 93 217 9268 in Barcelona, will be subject to the processing set forth in the Privacy section, pursuant to the corresponding jurisdiction. The User may read this information at the following link:


The User is fully responsible for the information provided through our various contact channels, including their personal data, since the User must ensure their lawfulness, considering they own the data or are in legitimate possession thereof.


If a User is a Spanish national, a special section is provided in item 11 to duly notify the User of the applicability of these T&Cs. Moreover, the Privacy Policy applicable to Spanish nationals can be found at the following link




The Site is intended for users of legal age. Any use, browsing or navigation by a minor in no way grants them the status of User. Nevertheless, the minor’s parents, guardians and/or legal representatives shall be responsible for any of their actions on the Site.




If a User wishes to notify A&L of any breach to the T&Cs or believes there are relevant circumstances to report related to the Site and T&Cs, there is a Contact section on the Site with the link provided by A&L for the User. To resolve and identify the corresponding request, the User must type in the following subject: “Subject: A&L’s Terms and Conditions”.

Once the request referred to in the foregoing paragraph has been submitted, A&L has a 15 business days term to respond to such request, either to notify the User of the procedure to be followed, to inform the status of the request, or to issue a refusal and the reasons thereof.

A&L reserves the right not to resolve claims that have not been duly reported, justified or rectified, as well as when no proof of identity has been provided to file a claim and/or when insufficient contact information has been provided in order to issue a response to the User.




In case any of the T&Cs set forth herein are deemed unenforceable or are declared null, void, or invalid under applicable law, they shall be replaced by a valid provision which may fully fulfill the purpose of the unenforceable provision or one that has been declared null and void or invalid. All other terms and conditions shall continue in full force and effect.




The subsidiary of A&L in Spain, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, has its registered address at C/ Gurtubay 6, 3º izq., 28001, Madrid, Tax Identification Code B-87035168, registered in Madrid’s Commercial Registry, Volume 32302, Folio 137, Page M-581444 – Insc. 1ª.

In this regard, any Spanish national User should be aware that these T&Cs will still be valid and will also remain a valid agreement between the User and A&L, thus granting a tacit consent through the use, browsing and/or navigation of the Site.

The relations between A&L and the Users as a result of browsing the Website shall be governed by the provisions of the Spanish regulations in force regarding the applicable legislation and the competent jurisdiction. However, where the current legislation provides that the parties may be subject to a specific jurisdiction, the Company and the Users, expressly waiving any other relevant jurisdiction, submit to the authority of Spain’s Courts of Law.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the resolution of online consumer disputes under Regulation (EU) 524/2013, the European Commission will aim to provide an online dispute resolution platform, available at:

The privacy policy applicable to Spanish nationals can be reviewed through the following link:

Lastly, a claim process submitted by a Spanish national will follow the same steps set forth in clause 9, “Subject: Terms and Conditions A&L Spain “.




The Site’s T&Cs shall have indefinite validity as long as it is active. Nevertheless, A&L reserves the right to make amendments to its T&Cs, which will be duly published for the User to access, review and continue to use, enter, browse, explore and/or navigate the Site. In no case shall these amendments be retroactive to activities that the User has already completed on the Site.




The interpretation of the T&Cs will be based on current Mexican regulations, relevant international treaties and good practices regarding Internet use.




Should any controversy or interpretation of this agreement arise, the User agrees to comply with Mexican laws and with local or federal courts in Mexico City, Mexico, waiving any other jurisdiction applicable based on their current or future address, or any other relevant juri